Our Services

Our Services

At Siegel & Co., we take pride in managing every property as if it were our own.

Optimized Performance and Profitability

We optimize performance and profitability through local market experience, effective collection enforcement, establishment of performance standards for contractors, encouragement of price competition among vendors, and intensive analysis of fixed costs, including utilities and insurance.

What’s Included in our Full Service Property Management Agreement?

  • Strategic Planning

    including budgeting and financial controls

  • Collection of Rents

    and any other income or fees due from tenants

  • Approval and Payment of Invoices

    on the owner’s behalf

  • Property Inspections

    documented on a regular basis

  • Lease Administration

    including tracking and facilitating lease renewals

  • Mortgage Loan Payments

    and acting as lender liaison

  • Leasing Efforts

    implemented and coordinated with leasing agents

  • Acts as Liaison

    between landlord, leasing agents, and other third party providers

  • Complete Accounting

    for income, expenses and tenant data

  • Good Landlord/Tenant Relations

  • Contracting with Vendors

    and supervision of purchasing, maintenance and repairs

  • On-Call Emergency Response

    on a 24/7 basis

  • Tenant Rules

    regulations, policies and procedures established and enforced

  • Monthly Reports and Statements

    generally by the 10th of each month for the preceding month

  • Troubleshooting

    and problem solving

When managing multifamily residential properties, we also hire and supervise the on-site management, marketing and maintenance personnel.  We are often able to improve efficiency with existing staff through a rigorous program of employee evaluation, on-line skills enrichment and, where necessary, retraining.


In-House Maintenance Services


For all properties, we offer handyman services on an hourly basis through our in-house maintenance division, Sparrow Maintenance Services.  The charge for these services is set at a low rate and there is no mark-up pricing for parts.  Alternatively, maintenance and repair services can be procured from qualified independent vendors, or licensed and insured contractors of your choice.  We are always guided by our client’s instructions as to the management of their investment real estate.